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Frequently Asked Questions

ABSOLUTELY NOT.  This job board is completely free and does not offer featured listings. However, if we detect any repeated postings of the same job for the purpose of gaining additional exposure, we will issue a warning, and repeated violations may result in an account suspension and an IP address ban from accessing our services.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy Section 7. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy

You may update a job at anytime or you may extend for another 30 days if the position has not been filled.

To keep things fresh.  You will have the opportunity to renew a listing before it’s expiration date if the position has not been filled. 

Most the fields are not mandatory, however it is strongly suggested to fill in as much information about the job as you can.  The more information listed, the easier it is to be found using filters with the search function. 

The required fields are city, state, and hourly rate.  These were the job descriptors most important to anesthesia colleagues. 

We all do the same job.  No reason to have a range. 

You have the option to post a job without specifying a company. However, it is highly recommended that you create a company profile first. Doing so will streamline the process for all your future job listings and eliminate the need to repeatedly enter the same contact information.


To prevent SPAM, registration is necessary to submit job listings.

Lots of hours were spent about what locums in the industry care about.

Therefore you can search by any job identifier by filtering to your perfect next assignment.  These include Category, State, City (nearby), Rate, Call requirements, Flexible schedules, Shifts, Anticipated start dates, Credentialing time frame, Practice models for both Nurse Anesthesiologoists and Physician Anesthesiologists, EMR, Companies, Lister Types and Keywords.

Most job descriptors in the search function are setup as ANY match.  Only a few job descriptors were setup as ALL match.

Shifts is a calendar managed by your facility administrator.  It provides them the option to add open shifts to the calendar to be fulfilled.  They assign users from this website as employees of their facility.  Once you’re an assigned employee, you can pick up any open shifts directly from the calendar. 

You can be an employee of multiple facilities and assign yourself to work there. 

Absolutely, I created this as a side project to help the industry.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me using the contact form.  Contact Us